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FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential! by Kenneth Olan, and published by Lynn Scott Publishing, is written to help young adults learn key life skills and knowledge needed to more quickly get ahead in life.

Much of what is learned in life is discovered over time, however FlashPoint for Young Adults is specifically designed to help accelerate the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom to help young people reach and enjoy their potential sooner.

The information in FlashPoint is presented in a way that young adults can understand and relate to given their accumulated life experience. By reading the book, and through completing a variety of activities and exercises in the "Plug-it-in and Work-it-Out Tool Kit" found in the back of each book, young adults can learn and then utilize the information to help them gain a deeper understanding of the skills and steps necessary to set and attain their individual goals . . . in all areas of life.

FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential! provides insights on critical life skills including:

  •  Self Awareness
  •  Defining “Success” in One’s Own Terms
  •  Personal Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes
  •  Computer Viruses of the Mind
  •  Programming Yourself for Success
  •  Personal Perseverance
  •  Setting and Achieving Personal Goals
  •  And more!

For even greater convenience, and to accommodate personal preferences, the same exercises available in the book can also be found at

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FlashPoint for Young Adults II - Accelerate Your Success!

The second book of the FlashPoint for Young Adults series will be publicly released in January 2006 and builds on the first book to help the reader learn additional life skills including:

  •  Living Responsibly
  •  Risk Taking and Decision Making
  •  Communicating to Win
  •  Marketing Yourself and creating your personal "brand"
  •  All About Money
  •  And more!

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