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FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential!

FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential! by Kenneth Olan, and published by Lynn Scott Publishing, is written to help young adults learn the key life skills and knowledge they need to know to get ahead in life faster.

Thank you for registering for your online activities and exercises. Click on any of the links below to download a .pdf file to be used in conjunction with the book. If you do not have a .pdf reader, please download a free copy of the Adobe Reader.

Chapter 1: The Genius of an Apple Seed
Number Hunt

Chapter 2:Are You Aware?
My FlashPoint Log

Chapter 3: Success and Failure: What Really are They?
My Success
Results I Want
Fear of Success Test

Chapter 4: Keep On Keeping' On
Perseverance and Commitment Enhancer

Chapter 5: The Software of Your Life
My Personal Values
My Personal Beliefs
Determining Your Passion

Chapter 6: Program Yourself for Success
Programming My Mind
My Worry Profile
Beat the Bug  (This is a short audio file, click to play!)  
The Hot Head Virus Scan

Chapter 7: Setting and Achieving Your Personal Goals
Solving Life’s Puzzle
Everything and Anything I Want
My Goal Plan

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