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Buy the Book - FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential!

Flashpoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential! is specifically designed to help young adults more rapidly understand and utilize important wisdom and life skills in order to accelerate personal achievement.

This easy-to-read book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to maximize their own potential. And FlashPoint offers the reader a lot more than just information!

In addition to the wealth of thought-provoking content contained between its two covers, FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential! Includes a wide array of exercises and activities designed to help the reader utilize what they learn to get the positive impact they want.

To make things even more useful, we've created this website, www.homesofsouthflorida.us, where FlashPoint readers can access the same exercises that appear in the book but in a roomier 8.25" X 11" page size to provide even more room to write and learn. The young adults we talked to when designing FlashPoint said, "Give us a choice" so we did. Regardless of how the reader decides to access the exercises, a detailed explanation and debrief of each exercise is found in the book itself.

What the experts are saying about FlashPoint!

"The author's energetic use of stories and analogies creates an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand collection of practical wisdom. Excellent for students."
-Robert O. Zeleny - Former Editor in Chief - Worldbook Encyclopedia

"FlashPoint captures the essence of critical life skills and a healthy forward-thinking perspective to help teens build a plan for both academic excellence and achievement in life."
-Michelle Pola, Ed.D - Executive Director, Houston A+ Challenge

"FlashPoint is full of high-touch content complemented by on-line tools and resources making it a particularly potent learning system for young adults."
-Michael Garfield - Radio Talk Show Host, Clear Channel Radio - Houston

What readers are saying about FlashPoint!

"The FlashPoint metaphor makes a lot of sense to me. Very clever. I do often realize things that I may not have before and say, "Wow, yeah, now I get it!"
--Rachael , 16 -Sugar Land, TX

"The exercises really made me think about what's important to me. They really helped me focus on what I want!"
-Jake, 15 - Bridgewater, NJ

"It's cool that you talk about this. It drives me crazy that a lot of people I know are so unaware of how they think." (Referring to chapters covering personal values, beliefs and attitudes.)
-Brandon, 18 - Sherman Oaks, CA

"You speak of life metaphorically in a way I have never heard before, and I have to say that I relate more to the way you put it than any of the other ways I've enoutered."
-Lindsay, 20- Houston, TX

"It's good that you point out that you don't need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. I know a lot of people who think they need to do that to achieve any form of success."
-Stephanie , 15 - Sarasota, FL

"I found the goal setting tools particularly helpful. Thanks for making them so easy to use."
-Ryan, 16 - Chicago, IL

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