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The company's roots go back to 1996 when founder and CEO, Ken Olan - then a business executive and popular speaker on subjects of personal and business growth - began to volunteer his time and offer leadership and life skills seminars for high-school-aged young adults. The program he created - known as FlashPoint! - was so well received by the students who attended it that Ken knew he was on to something and needed to expand his reach to serve a greater number of individuals.

Over the next several years, Ken researched and wrote his first book, FlashPoint for Young Adults - Ignite Your Potential! (Lynn Scott Publishing) which you can buy right here at www.EveryAdvantage.net.

Ken also recently completed writing his second book, FlashPoint For Young Adults II - Accelerate Your Success!, which will be publicly available for purchase in early 2006. Both books are specifically designed to help young adults "get ahead on getting ahead in life." Ken's own unique style of writing and explaining the concepts he teaches has earned him the nickname "Mr. FlashPoint" with the students he's worked with.

Every Advantage's website is designed to complement each of the publications. The website will be enriched continually through a phased rollout of enhancements that will create a virtual learning community and will become the place where individuals can come to accelerate their personal growth through access to new knowledge, skills and tools.

The company also offers seminars and workshops (including FlashPoint!) for students and adults alike designed to have high-impact and eye-opening results. You or your organization can also book Every Advantage founder Ken Olan to speak to your group as he has for thousands of people across the U.S.

About Ken Olan

Ken Olan is founder and CEO of Every Advantage, Inc., an organization whose mission it is to help individuals realize their personal potential sooner in life. Ken has studied, in depth, the field of personal development and achievement for more than 20 years and has personally applied the principles he teaches to achieve his own personal and professional goals.

During his career in business Ken has consistently assumed high-profile leadership positions. Most recently Ken served as executive vice president for a large financial services company where he led a business unit of more than nine-hundred employees. Ken is a graduate of Indiana University's School of Business. He is also a graduate of the Players' Workshop of Second City in Chicago, through which he learned to bring his noted "Mentortrainment" perspective to his work.

Today Ken is an author, entrepreneur, and professional speaker. He serves on the board of directors for a variety of not-for-profit organizations and is a board member of MindOH!, a Houston, Texas-based character education company. Ken is a popular speaker on subjects related to personal development and organizational growth for groups ranging from teen leadership and professional educators to public companies and industry conferences.

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